An extensive service network.

Datek’s products and systems are built to offer long service life and minimum service and maintenance requirements. Our extensive service network and access to virtually all spare parts at any given time ensures that you keep downtime to an absolute minimum.

Due a service or maintenance?
You are welcome to send products to us or alternatively, visit us in person at our office I Tumba, Sweden.

DIY service
Datek products are so simple to service and repair that you can do some of the work yourself. Programming, calibration and troubleshooting is straightforward with the help of audio and visual prompts. Replacing levers, circuit boards and relays is easy, and we also hold service courses for those who want to have a basic run-through of our systems. Please contact us for more information.

Annual inspection
Datek’s products and systems are intrinsically manufactured for a long service life and minimal maintenance even when used in demanding environments. However, particles, chemicals, moisture and extreme temperatures do affect the products over time, so it is important to conduct regular maintenance checks. An annual inspection involves us coming to you and checking each system, and fixing issues if necessary. Following the service, you receive an inspection report and a six-month guarantee.

Visiting adress: Drottningvägen 13, SE-147 31 Tumba, Sweden