The fixed cabin controllers provide a safe, cost-effective and easy solution when both fixed machine control and a portable radio transmitter are requested. The system is suitable for most industrial and mobile hydraulic applications.

Flexible and user-friendly
The flexible DC-20 controllers can be customised according to preference and application, providing a tailor-made solution. The controllers can either be used stand-alone or together with a portable radio transmitter, giving the operator the freedom of choice from where to control the application. The front panel of the controller can be adapted according to the application and user preferences by choosing appropriate joysticks and switches. The front panel is laser-engraved with the customer’s preferred symbols, texts and logos.

Robust, ergonomic joysticks
Datek’s joysticks are supplied with well- defined neutral positions and speed steps, or are designed for proportional control (128 levels for proportional control). The joysticks are made of tempered steel, ensuring superior durability and quality. The design gives a low static resistance, preventing wear and tear on joints. The joy- sticks come in many different designs to suit different types of applications as well as the operators’ individual preferences.

Convenient onsite programming
This versatile controller can be programmed and calibrated onsite to ensure optimal control of proportional functions. Calibrated values, such as initial, maximum and micro speeds, are stored in three different memory banks. By means of a toggle switch, the operator can access these memory banks to select a particular setting or suitable operating properties.

  • Can be customised for a wide range of applications and according to preferences
  • The use of a unique digital protocol and verification by double processors ensures safety
  • Ergonomic joysticks made of tempered steel with superior durability
  • A single cable or wireless radio makes the installation in the cabin easy
  • Machine interface by field bus technology or analogue outputs

Safe multiple operation
Multiple-application operation means that one set of control- lers can take control of up to three different applications at the same time. This makes it easy to handle simultaneous lifting, for instance.

Multiple controller operation means that the control can be shifted between three sets of controllers. Handovers may be appropriate in the case of long transfers where the view is blocked. Datek’s multiple operation ensures that only one controller/transmitter at a time can have control of the application. Operators have to make an active choice to transfer the control, either by relinquishing control or by taking control.

Comprehensive safety
The controllers are equipped with a built-in start control, preventing startup in the event of safety-critical errors. LED indicators and audible signals inform the user as to what has caused the error. The controllers continuously send information to the receiver using a digitally verified protocol unique to Datek. In the event of even the smallest error arising, the receiver will immediately (<0.5 seconds) revert to a safe stop mode. Each Datek controller is assigned a unique ID code, ensuring that any given controller can only activate its own dedicated receiver. No other joysticks, transmitters or products can ever activate a Datek system.

The controllers are to be mounted in the arm rests of the chair in the machine ́s control cabin. Normally two controllers, left and right, are being used. However, for smaller applications only one control box can be used as a stand-alone item. As an alternative to the controllers, Datek can also offer customised control panels with joysticks and switches.

Machine interface
The cabin controllers are easy to install since they commu- nicate either by a single cable or by wireless radio with the receiver unit from Datek. The receiver units are available in many different versions supporting various field bus protocols as well as digital and proportional outputs.

Backwards compatibility
The DC-20 controllers are backwards compatible and can substitute for Datek’s previous model of cabin controllers. This makes it possible to update an older system using a new controller without making modifications to the radio receiver and relay cabinet. Datek products are generally backwards compatible in terms of both hardware and software, so that we can provide the best possible service.

Dimensions160 x 170 x 170 mm
Weight700 g with battery
Temperature range-25° – 70° C
Protection classIP65
Frequency406 - 470 MHz
Output power10 mW
Range> 100 m
TechnologySerial protocol
Length≤200 metres (standard 10 m)
Proportional0 - 8
Digital0 - 32
Number0 - 2
AxisY, X/Y, X/Y/Z
Speed steps1 – 6 or proportional